Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Name: Kalé Kai
Nickname: Kai, Little Man
Birth Date: October 13, 2009
Notable Lineage: Danko, Peruvian Hemingway
Son of Victoria, still gets to hang out with all the ladies and so cute he's our banner.


Name: Rose Star's CocoaBelle
Nickname: CocoaBelle
Birth Date: December 3, 2008
Notable Lineage: PPeruvian Pluro, PPeruvian Camilio
Daughter of Victory, first alpaca born on our farm.


Name: Zeb-Bra
Birth Date: October 12, 2008
Notable Lineage: Danko, Peruvian Hemingway
Daughter of Victoria


Name: Orion's Delphinus
Nickname: Delphinus
Birth Date: January 30, 2008
Notable Lineage: Dom Lucilio, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, Enchantment's Cerrillos, Peruvian Polaris
She's our resident Miss Piggy.


Name: Twinstar's Amos
Nickname: Amos (or Elmo if you're Grandmother)
Birth Date: November 3, 2007
Notable Lineage: Peruvian Hemingway, PPeruvian Felix, Peruvian Don Julio and PPeruvian Camilio

White Knight

Name: Thor's White Knight
Nickname: White Knight
Birth Date: October 1, 2007
Noteable Lineage: PPeruvian Felix, Peruvian Don Julio and Peruvian Hemingway
Best friend to Medallion.


Name: Irish Rose's Amaretto
Nickname: Amaretto
Birth Date: August 8, 2007
Granddaughter of Danko.


Name: Twinstar's Medallion
Nickname: Medallion
Birth Date: May 23, 2007
His lineage includes PPeruvian Felix, Dom Lucilio, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn and Peruvian Don Julio.
He likes to hold staring contests with whomever chooses to challenge him.


Name: Liberty's Victory
Nickname: Victory
Birth Date: September 2, 2006
Mother to: Cocoabelle
The tallest of the herd, the Dr. Seuss-iest, wet nurse to all crias, and she loves the handy husband.


Name: Ecuador's Victoria
Nickname: Victoria
Birth Date: July 3, 2005
Mother of: Zeb-Bra and Kalé Kai
Granddaughter of Peruvian Hemingway, most petite yet reigning matriarch of the herd and alerter to all things out of place.